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Spring Time Scent, Naturally

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Looking for that perfect scent to give your home that refreshing spring clean feeling? We have the perfect tips and essential oil combinations to give you the exact scent you crave naturally.

The Spring Season

Spring, or the Vernal Equinox, is marked when night and day are in equal length. From then on, the sun will remain in the sky a few additional minutes each day with nights becoming shorter. This year, March 20th is the day that marks the spring season, though living in Florida, we can begin seeing some of the changes in nature sooner. Spring is associated with growth, renewal, new beginnings, and youth. It’s a time to start fresh and begin planning for future successes.

When the spring season arrives, its a great reminder to clear your home, mind, and body. The first step is giving your home a deep clean. Clearing the build- up, dust, and clutter can give you that feeling of renewal that allows you to find creativity again. Even just a simple scent can spark this feeling in your mind.

where can i find the right scent?
Gardenia flower
lavender satchet

Flowers, herbs, infusions, and essential oils are a few natural ways to bring fresh scent into your home naturally. Roses and other bouquet flowers may be beautiful, but they often lack a strong aroma. Gardenia, and jasmine species are flowers found blooming in Florida with a scent that can emanate. Herbs such as rosemary, lavender, and mint make great additions as well. You can grow them indoors or dry them out to make a potpourri or fragrant sachet. Infusing dried flowers and herbs in either oil or alcohol are creative ways to provide aromatic, long lasting solutions.

Essential oils are another great way to bring natural scent in your home. They are concentrated plant extractions derived by mechanical pressing or distillation, so they are packed with scent. To use these, you can defuse them, make a room spray, or even mix them with wax in a warmer.

Essential oils for a Spring scent

Because spring time is a time for growth and creativity, you want scents to inspire this. Our favorites include:

  • Bergamot – natural mood booster, promoting cheerfulness and energy
  • Cedarwood – eases tension, enhances concentration while also repelling bugs
  • Eucalyptus – relaxing, yet refreshing and reenergizing
  • Lavender – floral scent that relaxes
  • Lemon – uplifting scent that is refreshing and energizing
  • Lemongrass – soothes and reduces stress
  • Orange – fresh, citrusy aroma that uplifts and alleviates stress
  • Rosemary – stress reducing while enhancing concentration
  • Spearmint – uplifts mood and encourages focus
herbs and essential oils

Want to make your own scent spray at home? Check out our recipe here.

Spring time scent essential oil combinations

Lemongrass – Eucalyptus – Lavender


Cedarwood – Rosemary


Citrus (lemon, bergamot, orange) – Spearmint


Peppermint – Lavender – Lemon

Let us know what you think! Which combination is your favorite? Do you have any additional tips or idea about bringing a Spring time scent in your home?

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